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Boiler Installation

Need a new boiler replacement or complete new central heating system? Don't be left in the cold, contact us now. 

At Bathroom Builders UK we understand the confusion and complications and costs that can occur around choosing your new boiler and we aim to make the process as easy as possible.  

When you contact us for a quotation on a new boiler we will send our Gas Safe Engineer to do assess your requirements and will come up with the best heating system to suit your needs. This could include: 
  • Like for like boiler replacement
  • Boiler Relocation
  • Complete new heating system including new pipe work and radiators
  • Radiator replacements supply and installation
We have access to hundreds of heating products and boilers and aim to be competitive and fair on our price. 

When having a new bathroom installed, it is also important to ensure your boiler and hot water supply can keep up with the new hot water demand that some showers can require. For example, if your new shower has a pump and is pumping the hot water at a higher rate, it could mean your existing boiler can not produce enough hot water and you can end up with cold showers or the shower can stop altogether. 

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